Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I get so frustrated when people try and think they know what you are talking about. If I do not tell you please, do not think for me. That is how so many people get into trouble, the lack of understanding of what a person is actually talking about, or they simply try and con someone into what they are saying.  This especially goes on in the work force heavy, hence the blog. I get so confused as to why people do not try to at least understand what you are saying or make themselves clear on what they are addressing. Then you have the people who think they are “slicker than a can of oil” (very old expression that still holds true today) These are usually the bosses or the ones who think that they are in charge and gang up on you trying to make you do something you do not want to do ,talking fast, with three or four people in the room and your head is spinning. Just be real with what you have to say, and people will respect you way more than trying to figure out what your trying to say only to find out everything you were saying was just a lie.

Why do people lie? Why can we just say what we feel, be honest about the situation receive it and move on? Why do we think that by telling a lie or being fake that it will cause a situation to become better? I get so tired of it! Then when you are telling the truth and being real you’re presumed as the one that is being fake or to bold and serious, the angry person.  Every day at work I face this encounter with someone. I am as real as it gets and people do not like it. But what I found to be true is that they respect me. When they need an honest opinion, they ask me, when the company needs its best face to shine, they come get me. So, what is that all about? What does that mean?  You like me only when it’s time to use me. You rather live a lie and when the “big wigs’’ come you want the truth. We cannot have it both ways. Something has to give. Either you want to live in a fantasy world where people tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear, or you can come and face reality and try to live a better life correcting what you can with your dignity intact.  But a lie will never win in the end. Someone will always get hurt, be misled, and fail in ever trusting again. In a utopian society we would want truth to be our leader, but unfortunately utopia only exits in books, and a lie feels so much better to the ego. Go figure!

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