City Girls

Ok so this one really got to me. Have you ever loved a song because of the beat but then when you really sit back and listen to the lyrics of the song, you’re like WTF! These songs these days hold no merit to the great songs of old. These songs these days teaches us how to “get money” get shot” or take a charge” … REALLY?!!!  I do not understand how we allow our children to listen to half the songs that’s syndicated, and I’m guilty. Now when I hear lyrics that are inappropriate for my six-year-old, I change the station. I then ask “What is this song talking about”, like I don’t know, and to my happiness he doesn’t know, or understand, “The beat is just nice” he says.

I wrote a post on social media not to long ago about my family and I going swimming, just wanting some family time. There were a group of girls who were minding their own business, until my husband showed up that is. One girl was more than happy to give my husband a twerk fest show in her thong bikini not even caring that my young son was there. The sun was hot, and they were playing their music loudly and drinking by the pool. Then a song came on by the City Girls, and they just went into a frenzy. They were talking loudly about who they would like to have in bed. Which person would be better, and who had the most money? I could not believe what I was hearing! These girls looked beautiful and educated and I know they were just having a good time but I thought what are we teaching our girls to look forward too in the future, in a man-a husband, and as a women period? The lyrics to the City Girls song is nothing to be proud of if you are teaching your young daughter how to become a lady.

And what of our young men? Are you the man just because you have money, but you’re a jerk to other people? You have the “baddest chic” by your side but don’t know how to treat her. What actually are we teaching our children to look up to? The elders are gone or are too less respected in this society. We are told if we don’t make a certain amount of money, we are nothing, if we don’t live in the biggest house, we are nothing, if our breast are not perky enough, stomachs flat as a washboard, and our back side bigger than the Washington Monument we are nothing.  Boys are told if they don’t have the baddest car they are nothing, if the money is not piling up, they are nothing. If they do not have more than one baby  momma, they are nothing. This is wrong! Society has it wrong! WE need to teach our girls to look forward to having a husband and being his helpmate. The boys learning how to treat a lady properly and provide for his family the right way.

                          “Same group of bi#@$, ain’t no adding to the picture
                          Drop a couple racks, watch this ass get bigger
                          Drinkin’ on liquor, and I’m lookin’ at your ni&^&
                          If his money right, he can eat it like a Snicker”

                          “ If your ass a broke ni&^&, hell nah, I can’t meet ya
                            If your ass a rich ni&^&, I’ma f*&$% ya ’til you ain’t one”

We need to teach our young ladies that our bodies are not for sale. We do not get what we want by giving our precious bodies away to any man willing to pay, the highest bidder.  And even our boys, if she is willing to sell something so precious, she is not worth it, and don’t encourage it. It’s time to celebrate our children and let them know that they have so much to offer and to look forward too. NO more bad bi$^% and bad ni&^& but educated Kings and Queens.

P.S. No shade to the city girls… they are making their money by rapping…Go FIGURE!

4 thoughts on “City Girls

  1. I am also guilty of the listening to music without actually paying attention to what it is say but I gotta do better!! I have a little girl on the way that’s about to pay attention to my every move.


    • Yes and if we all start thinking this way for our children, that they watch our every move, our children would grow up in a much better disposition than what they are now. Good luck to you Love you!!!!!


  2. Great post!! Me personally, because I know when I was younger, we would sneak and listen to N.W.A., Too Short, and 2LiveCrew, amongst others, I decided I would talk to my kids about it. My son started to listen to more adult music about 2 years ago, and I explained to him that A lot of Rap music is pretend. I even made him look up net worth of some of the artist and worked in a conversation about personal finances.. I think we just need to do a better job of educating our kids before media, social and otherwise, does.


    • I totally agree. But music and style back then is not how it is now. Kids are way more advance and actually know what these lyrics are talking about. When I was little they blocked out more words and even had videos that could not be aired until after dark. Now we see and hear everything. But bringing it home to your son and letting him see the real in music is a great idea because like you said it mostly pretend anyways. But it is too bad that this is what more and more people are idolizing, and not getting the realness behind the scene. Thanks for posting!


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