I love to educate. And I love to be in a place where I can utilize my skills with people particularly with young people. You just have no idea how much of an impact you have on little minds, and even some adults. What gets me, is as adults we still want other people to conform to our way of thinking and living, and if we do not then we are wrong in our own values.

 I say this to say that I am in a dilemma. I educate young minds and in my new class this year I have several parents that are homosexual couples both male and female. I cannot judge that, only God, so I do what I normally do: smile, greet them and the child, hold conversations about their day, I’m always nice, courteous and all the above. But one day as I was sending a video home to the families of the class, I used the words MOM and DAD. For example, I would say in the video “Hello MOM and DAD” and so forth. I didn’t think this was a problem until the second time a video was sent and my director came to me and said that she could not send the video because I did not include everybody. I didn’t understand, and she explain to me that the first time I sent out the video the homosexual parents were upset that I used the words MOM and DAD.  They did not like those words because it did not include them and to just say PARENTS. I could not believe what I was hearing! Once again someone has to conform to a lifestyle to make someone else comfortable. So, I’m thinking to myself, then what about the MOMS and DADS that ARE MOMS and DADS. Do we just forget about them because two or three couples got their feelings hurt over a choice they made? (And yes, I do believe that homosexuality is a choice) When they enter the class, I don’t even know what to call them because I cannot say HELLO DAD, or HEY MOM, so I’m stuck, I look unprofessional and like a deer caught in headlights.  Forgive me but I do not understand why it is that we always have to conform to what these couple want us to do. I cannot go around saying I’m a woman and if you don’t do this or that then your sexist, and you hate women, NO! As we teach our young minds “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”! Why make a fuss over something so trivial?  I could use first or last name when referring to them but the children are calmer by the first method of saying MOM and DAD. 

This is the first time that I have encountered something like this. I don’t know if I’m being to sensitive or if they are. But what I do know is that this has caused an uncomfortable feeling when I’m around them because I do not know what they will nitpick with me on next.

 I think that we have to take baby step with this thing and not be overbearing in our values and methods. People would be more open and accepting if you didn’t push an agenda down a person’s throat and called it change. This is nothing like civil rights or women’s rights. This is a do what I say and what I want you to do type of deal. But until we all can have a conversation about the fairness of the homosexual agenda, without people thinking that you fear them or hate them, we wont get very far and most of us will still be stuck and left like me…confused…GO FIGURE!

2 thoughts on “Conformity

  1. I can see your point and agree on some aspects. Like for instance I do think that the LGBT community at times can see to push their agenda down our throats. However I like to try to see things from others point of view at times as well. That’t not to say that I agree with it. But I do feel that they have feelings just like we do. I think for them they just want to feel included and acknowledged because they already have it hard as a community. Which is not anything that we caused it’s just the way life has panned out. At the same time I probably would have addressed them as Moms and Dad’s as well because that’s just second nature. I do think it was a bit much on their part though because if they are two women together raising a child or two Dad’s together raising a child they still have the same title which is a mom or a dad. Sometimes people will cause a stir just because they feel they can. When that happens I just smile and wave and keep it moving. We can’t please everyone.


    • Thank you for your comment and I did not think of it as seeing from their eyes. They have enough going on and I dont want to add to it. I didnt think of it that way. Its always good to get another person perspective and you gave that to me…

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