We the People

Restore a man to his health, his purse lies open to thee. -Robert Burton

I took my son to the doctor because he was sick from daycare. Every time I go to the doctor I have to fill out a form stating that everything is the same and what my payment will be, if any. This particular day I filled out the form, and the amount is ridiculous. I ask the receptionist what the payment was about and she tells me (and this is true for every doctor’s office so take notes) that every time I come in for one thing but I ask the doctor something else, for another thing, they charge me. For example, If I take my son in for just a monthly check up but I ask him about him being sick, I’m charged. I was like WHHOOOAAAHHH! You mean to tell me that just for asking a question I get charged for that and she was like, YEP! I thought, THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY. How can this be?

How can the medical field just charge for any and everything? And why are we not told of this practice? Are they not supposed to be working with us the people trying to help us get better, healthier, and find ways to help alleviate the physical pain and financial stress of the people? I do not understand how the government can allow such things to happen. The government should work for us. The government should be our voice to the things that are happening in society that are foul and corrupt. How did it get turned around, that the government can keep fattening their pockets off the pain and agony of hard- working people who needs physical relief? They know that doctors and medicine is at an all-time high. They always ask you to get a flu shot, why? Because for every flu shot that they give, doctors get money for it. Instead of telling you healthy food choices and vitamins and health practices you can do to naturally avoid such things, getting your money is way better.  Even a quarter of America has no clue to what is happening behind closed doors of the medical and political field.

Every time you turn around you hear of countries like Canada and France who give free health care to its citizens, paid time off for birthing a baby, paid time off for injuries and family time when loved ones are sick and on and on. We are supposedly the “richest” country, the best country for its citizens, but here the rich keep getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer. The only way to alleviate this measure is to vote these politicians out of office. VOTE, and put people in place that care enough to know that paying to ask the doctor a question is ludicrous and the health of the people is more important that paper from a tree that can go away as easily as it was made…go figure!

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