We the People

Restore a man to his health, his purse lies open to thee. -Robert Burton

I took my son to the doctor because he was sick from daycare. Every time I go to the doctor I have to fill out a form stating that everything is the same and what my payment will be, if any. This particular day I filled out the form, and the amount is ridiculous. I ask the receptionist what the payment was about and she tells me (and this is true for every doctor’s office so take notes) that every time I come in for one thing but I ask the doctor something else, for another thing, they charge me. For example, If I take my son in for just a monthly check up but I ask him about him being sick, I’m charged. I was like WHHOOOAAAHHH! You mean to tell me that just for asking a question I get charged for that and she was like, YEP! I thought, THIS IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY. How can this be?

How can the medical field just charge for any and everything? And why are we not told of this practice? Are they not supposed to be working with us the people trying to help us get better, healthier, and find ways to help alleviate the physical pain and financial stress of the people? I do not understand how the government can allow such things to happen. The government should work for us. The government should be our voice to the things that are happening in society that are foul and corrupt. How did it get turned around, that the government can keep fattening their pockets off the pain and agony of hard- working people who needs physical relief? They know that doctors and medicine is at an all-time high. They always ask you to get a flu shot, why? Because for every flu shot that they give, doctors get money for it. Instead of telling you healthy food choices and vitamins and health practices you can do to naturally avoid such things, getting your money is way better.  Even a quarter of America has no clue to what is happening behind closed doors of the medical and political field.

Every time you turn around you hear of countries like Canada and France who give free health care to its citizens, paid time off for birthing a baby, paid time off for injuries and family time when loved ones are sick and on and on. We are supposedly the “richest” country, the best country for its citizens, but here the rich keep getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer. The only way to alleviate this measure is to vote these politicians out of office. VOTE, and put people in place that care enough to know that paying to ask the doctor a question is ludicrous and the health of the people is more important that paper from a tree that can go away as easily as it was made…go figure!


I love to educate. And I love to be in a place where I can utilize my skills with people particularly with young people. You just have no idea how much of an impact you have on little minds, and even some adults. What gets me, is as adults we still want other people to conform to our way of thinking and living, and if we do not then we are wrong in our own values.

 I say this to say that I am in a dilemma. I educate young minds and in my new class this year I have several parents that are homosexual couples both male and female. I cannot judge that, only God, so I do what I normally do: smile, greet them and the child, hold conversations about their day, I’m always nice, courteous and all the above. But one day as I was sending a video home to the families of the class, I used the words MOM and DAD. For example, I would say in the video “Hello MOM and DAD” and so forth. I didn’t think this was a problem until the second time a video was sent and my director came to me and said that she could not send the video because I did not include everybody. I didn’t understand, and she explain to me that the first time I sent out the video the homosexual parents were upset that I used the words MOM and DAD.  They did not like those words because it did not include them and to just say PARENTS. I could not believe what I was hearing! Once again someone has to conform to a lifestyle to make someone else comfortable. So, I’m thinking to myself, then what about the MOMS and DADS that ARE MOMS and DADS. Do we just forget about them because two or three couples got their feelings hurt over a choice they made? (And yes, I do believe that homosexuality is a choice) When they enter the class, I don’t even know what to call them because I cannot say HELLO DAD, or HEY MOM, so I’m stuck, I look unprofessional and like a deer caught in headlights.  Forgive me but I do not understand why it is that we always have to conform to what these couple want us to do. I cannot go around saying I’m a woman and if you don’t do this or that then your sexist, and you hate women, NO! As we teach our young minds “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”! Why make a fuss over something so trivial?  I could use first or last name when referring to them but the children are calmer by the first method of saying MOM and DAD. 

This is the first time that I have encountered something like this. I don’t know if I’m being to sensitive or if they are. But what I do know is that this has caused an uncomfortable feeling when I’m around them because I do not know what they will nitpick with me on next.

 I think that we have to take baby step with this thing and not be overbearing in our values and methods. People would be more open and accepting if you didn’t push an agenda down a person’s throat and called it change. This is nothing like civil rights or women’s rights. This is a do what I say and what I want you to do type of deal. But until we all can have a conversation about the fairness of the homosexual agenda, without people thinking that you fear them or hate them, we wont get very far and most of us will still be stuck and left like me…confused…GO FIGURE!

City Girls

Ok so this one really got to me. Have you ever loved a song because of the beat but then when you really sit back and listen to the lyrics of the song, you’re like WTF! These songs these days hold no merit to the great songs of old. These songs these days teaches us how to “get money” get shot” or take a charge” … REALLY?!!!  I do not understand how we allow our children to listen to half the songs that’s syndicated, and I’m guilty. Now when I hear lyrics that are inappropriate for my six-year-old, I change the station. I then ask “What is this song talking about”, like I don’t know, and to my happiness he doesn’t know, or understand, “The beat is just nice” he says.

I wrote a post on social media not to long ago about my family and I going swimming, just wanting some family time. There were a group of girls who were minding their own business, until my husband showed up that is. One girl was more than happy to give my husband a twerk fest show in her thong bikini not even caring that my young son was there. The sun was hot, and they were playing their music loudly and drinking by the pool. Then a song came on by the City Girls, and they just went into a frenzy. They were talking loudly about who they would like to have in bed. Which person would be better, and who had the most money? I could not believe what I was hearing! These girls looked beautiful and educated and I know they were just having a good time but I thought what are we teaching our girls to look forward too in the future, in a man-a husband, and as a women period? The lyrics to the City Girls song is nothing to be proud of if you are teaching your young daughter how to become a lady.

And what of our young men? Are you the man just because you have money, but you’re a jerk to other people? You have the “baddest chic” by your side but don’t know how to treat her. What actually are we teaching our children to look up to? The elders are gone or are too less respected in this society. We are told if we don’t make a certain amount of money, we are nothing, if we don’t live in the biggest house, we are nothing, if our breast are not perky enough, stomachs flat as a washboard, and our back side bigger than the Washington Monument we are nothing.  Boys are told if they don’t have the baddest car they are nothing, if the money is not piling up, they are nothing. If they do not have more than one baby  momma, they are nothing. This is wrong! Society has it wrong! WE need to teach our girls to look forward to having a husband and being his helpmate. The boys learning how to treat a lady properly and provide for his family the right way.

                          “Same group of bi#@$, ain’t no adding to the picture
                          Drop a couple racks, watch this ass get bigger
                          Drinkin’ on liquor, and I’m lookin’ at your ni&^&
                          If his money right, he can eat it like a Snicker”

                          “ If your ass a broke ni&^&, hell nah, I can’t meet ya
                            If your ass a rich ni&^&, I’ma f*&$% ya ’til you ain’t one”

We need to teach our young ladies that our bodies are not for sale. We do not get what we want by giving our precious bodies away to any man willing to pay, the highest bidder.  And even our boys, if she is willing to sell something so precious, she is not worth it, and don’t encourage it. It’s time to celebrate our children and let them know that they have so much to offer and to look forward too. NO more bad bi$^% and bad ni&^& but educated Kings and Queens.

P.S. No shade to the city girls… they are making their money by rapping…Go FIGURE!

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I get so frustrated when people try and think they know what you are talking about. If I do not tell you please, do not think for me. That is how so many people get into trouble, the lack of understanding of what a person is actually talking about, or they simply try and con someone into what they are saying.  This especially goes on in the work force heavy, hence the blog. I get so confused as to why people do not try to at least understand what you are saying or make themselves clear on what they are addressing. Then you have the people who think they are “slicker than a can of oil” (very old expression that still holds true today) These are usually the bosses or the ones who think that they are in charge and gang up on you trying to make you do something you do not want to do ,talking fast, with three or four people in the room and your head is spinning. Just be real with what you have to say, and people will respect you way more than trying to figure out what your trying to say only to find out everything you were saying was just a lie.

Why do people lie? Why can we just say what we feel, be honest about the situation receive it and move on? Why do we think that by telling a lie or being fake that it will cause a situation to become better? I get so tired of it! Then when you are telling the truth and being real you’re presumed as the one that is being fake or to bold and serious, the angry person.  Every day at work I face this encounter with someone. I am as real as it gets and people do not like it. But what I found to be true is that they respect me. When they need an honest opinion, they ask me, when the company needs its best face to shine, they come get me. So, what is that all about? What does that mean?  You like me only when it’s time to use me. You rather live a lie and when the “big wigs’’ come you want the truth. We cannot have it both ways. Something has to give. Either you want to live in a fantasy world where people tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear, or you can come and face reality and try to live a better life correcting what you can with your dignity intact.  But a lie will never win in the end. Someone will always get hurt, be misled, and fail in ever trusting again. In a utopian society we would want truth to be our leader, but unfortunately utopia only exits in books, and a lie feels so much better to the ego. Go figure!

A Tale of Two Cities

I’m so glad to get off work! I zoom past several people trying to get to my destination, anywhere far from work! As I slow down coming to a red light, I look at the Nashville streets. I didn’t notice anything strange at first but then it started to dawn on me: being a resident of Nashville all my life, things are starting to look a little different.  I keep driving down the street and there saw a man begging for change, behind him was a big beautiful building that had just been resurrected. Further down the street was another man begging with a woman saying they needed food to feed their family but again beside them was a new pop-up boutique.  I come to the round-about where I see several men and women just standing around waiting to go nowhere in rugged torn clothing, haven’t shaved or bathed in what looks like years. The rescue mission was behind them but if you took just ten steps forward several multi-million dollar buildings shined in the distance.  I started to see the trend; new places are popping up everywhere on our city streets but so many people are still in need of basic necessities. And I’m wondering, why?  What has become of our beloved city, Nashville? Why are we not taking care of the people who first called this place home? And why are we so quick to pacify those who no nothing about the love, southern colloquialism, hospitality, and upbringing that has made Nashville what it is today, supposedly the “It City”.

  I remember Nashville when there was literally nothing here. You had lots of green space, trees and fresh air. You could walk almost anywhere, and there was little to no traffic. You knew who your neighbors were and their families even if they were miles away. We were a city, a community to be reckoned with. Hospitality was our middle name.  Although I’m not that old to remember dune buggies I am old enough to remember the good old times where we could share items if we needed them from our neighbor, black or white, wealthy or not. Everyone felt the love in this city and I believe that’s why so many people have come to it.

But as they say, when you have a good thing and so many people want it, the value of that thing goes down. Where is the southern hospitality? Now a days in Nashville you cannot even say hello without someone scowling at you like you’ve just vomited. And that is not the Nashville way. Its people coming in from all walks of life and developers are building places that WE Nashvillians cannot afford.

Speaking of, Nashvillians always helped each other out. Now it’s every man for himself; kicking the poor man out to make room for the rich and healthy. We are not only losing our culture we are losing our people. The elderly that has called this place home for many years are force out of their homes, sold to the highest bidder, and made to live as the Outcasts of Poker Flats.  And no one is batting an eye, or at least the guts to stand up and say enough! We are building more and more, and gaining more and more residence. Growth is good, and to gain even better, but at what expense? At the expense of our native people losing their houses that they have been in for years. To find themselves on the outskirts of Nashville with many not having transportation to get back and forth through town? For more people to end up in affordable housing because they cannot keep up with the property taxes that keep rising like the summer sun? At the expense of losing our youth programs and community centers because private facilities are buying public land and treating it as a country club for the haves and not the have not’s. At the expense of more vagrancy?

From what I see it is a tale of two cities. The one that we knew and loved and the one that is being created, that’s not for us. Nashville can be great for all walks of life, if we make it that way. Unfortunately, people only see one thing, GREEN, and if you have it, you can survive, if you don’t, don’t even bother trying to step your feet onto this rich soil that is making the powers that be, profitable.  Sorry to say but is Nashville really the IT city? What is IT that Nashville is really doing? And who is it doing IT for.   When I no longer have to see more panhandlers than I do charities, then we have become an IT CITY. When the new pop up boutiques give the donations to the missions then we can become an IT City. When these luxury buildings can help with affordable housing then we have become an IT CITY. The only way that Nashville can really and truly became an It city is if all its residence can benefit and be a part of the growth and positive reconstruction that IT is providing for its future.

Walking Shoes

“Nobody has it easy,everybody has issues. You never know what people are going through. So pause before you start judging, criticizing or mocking others. Everybody is fighting their own unique war.”

Paulie Mens

We often here the phrase, “Don’t judge me until you have walked a mile in my shoes”, but what does that really mean? WE as people judge things all the time for one reason or another, whether it’s because of jealousy, abhorrence, a lack of understanding, distortion of the eye, or a combination of these and many more. But would you really like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes? Are we that nosy and carefree of our own lives that we can just afford to forget about our hectic days and unorganized schedules that we would really want to know the horrors and skeletons that lay in someone else’s closet?  I promise you that just because someone looks as if they have it all together, they really don’t. That person who you think life’s a mess, probably isn’t.  WE have to stop looking at other people and what they are or what they are not doing and take the time to enjoy our own lives and work on our own skeletons. We enjoy someone else’s life because it gives us an escape from our own. But life really is what you make it! “Nobody has it easy,everybody has issues. You never know what people are going through. So pause before you start judging, criticizing or mocking others. Everybody is fighting their own unique war.” Instead of judging, being envious and greedy, why don’t we start applauding, encouraging, and praising one another for the things we ACTUALLY SEE people doing.  I don’t know about you but I don’t have the time, strength, or energy to walk in someone else shoes even for a minute. Life tends to tell us that the grass is greener on the other side. But truth be told it’s a mirage. On the other side you still have to water and maintain that grass or it will get dry and dull and wither away. We know these things, so why do we not live these things and put them into practice?  In my opinion, when we take our eyes off of what really matters (the things that God has given to us that’s special to you and no one else) we tend to think we don’t have much, when my friends the very person we are looking at in awe is starring back at us wishing they had our lives. GO FIGURE!